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Support and Hardware Group:

Considering the development of university’s computer network and increasing use of computer systems and web-based programs such as educational system, administrative automation system, etc., there was a need for potential troubleshooting in existing systems, based on which the Information Technology Office decided to form the support and hardware group.

Tasks and Services:

- Reviewing software, hardware and network problems of all computer systems existing in Bahonar University and Technical College.
- Troubleshooting all software problems including: windows defects, windows installation, software, drivers, etc.
- Troubleshooting all hardware problems including: searching for and finding the faulty part in the system which caused problems, repairing that part and if necessary replacing it
- Reviewing No-internet connection problems including: ensuring that network cards, cable patch connected to the system, and switch port are working properly, finding the faulty parts and troubleshooting.

How to Contact the support group for troubleshooting computer systems:

1. Using the support group website: and making appointments
2. Contacting extension number 2998 in case aforementioned website is not available

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